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Do you actively play the massive multiplayer online game Puzzle Pirates? Are you an officer in a crew and regularly run trade runs? If so, then this tool could help you increase your profits on those trade runs.

It has more features than previous tools of its kind, and is a standalone program, not a community-based system where you upload data to a central server to which everyone else has access. Because it does not rely on an Internet connection, it is overall the better tool for the job.

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Are you attempting to implement XML-RPC in a C++ application and have grown frustrated with the lack of selection? Pairing with the Apache Xerces XML parser instead of trying to provide our own home-brewed parser, Mariposa parses XML-RPC responses and helps you create XML-RPC requests with ease. Paired with the tried-and-true, standards compliant Apache Xerces parser, Mariposa should help you get XML-RPC implemented easily.

Plus this XML-RPC library powers the Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer. Since we use it in our own applications, you can be assured that we're going to make sure it works. It is also heavily unit-tested using Google's unit testing library and should work on all platforms supported by Apache Xerces.

Mariposa (coming soon)...

digestIT 2004

digestIT 2004 is our flagship product, stemming from a line of applications that began in 2002 with MD5 for Win32. MD5 for Win32 took MD5 file integrity out of the realm of command line utilities and utilities period and put it where it can be used most: Windows Explorer. digestIT 2004 took it further, adding several more features to make file integrity validation even easier.

  • Integrates into Windows Explorer
  • Simple right-click interface
  • Multiple file support
  • Quickly verify a MD5 or SHA-1 hash
  • Save to file or copy to clipboard
  • Native support for 64-bit Windows (x64 Editions)

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The KCCI School Net 8 Desktop Weather Client allows you to access weather information available on the KCCI School Net 8 network. The information is up to the minute and accurate so you know exactly what temperature it is outside at the minute you check it.

Plus you can check the radar and get the current forecast all in the same application. You won't need to open a separate program or visit another web page for your local weather. And since the weather is from KCCI, you know it's weather information you can count on.

KCCI SchoolNet 8...

Colony West Software Company is an independent software vendor located in the northern area of Kansas City, Missouri. We don't really specialize in any particular area of software. Instead we just write whatever happens to come to mind and showcase it here in the hopes it might be useful to someone. Feel free to peruse the site and let us know if you have any questions.

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