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Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer

Along with privateering, out and out piracy, and shopkeeping, another way to make money in Puzzle Pirates is by trading commodities, also known as profiteering.

Unlike previous tools of its kind, the Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer is a complete desktop application. There is no server at all. This also means that it's fast because you don't have to wait for the data to upload anywhere and hope a server that is outside your control continues to cooperate.

You'll find many of the features familiar to users of other tools. Primarily, there is the ability to read in the commodity data to determine what can be bought and sold for profit. Plus there are many other features that the other tools only wish they had...

Who is this for?

The Trade Profiteer is geared toward the seasoned commodity trader and is not for beginners. As such it is designed with this in mind. I am a very seasoned commodity trader, and I initially designed the Trade Profiteer for myself and had not initially intended on releasing it until I read of the difficulties people were having with the Pirate Commodity Trader...with bleach! system. As such I designed and implemented it for myself but sought to make it a little more generic when deciding to release it. The Trade Profiteer is distributed with the hope it will be useful.

However, it should be considered little more than a tool that will allow seasoned and successful profiteers to become even more so, but may hinder those who aren't very experienced.

How can you tell if you're seasoned? There are a few ways:

If most of the above doesn't sound applicable to you, or if the last item definitely does not sound applicable, then the Trade Profiteer isn't for you, not until you become more seasoned. You can turn your attention toward the systems aimed at beginners and come back to the Trade Profiteer when you're more seasoned and know what you're doing.

Sounds arrogant, I know. But that is how the Trade Profiteer was designed. And that is how future development will continue. And several seasoned commodity traders on the various oceans have found themselves more successful since using the Trade Profiteer. And many beginners have found themselves burned trying to use the Trade Profiteer. The Trade Profiteer has a lot of capability, and presents a lot of information that can lead you severely astray if you don't know how to interpret it. And the information should be relatively intuitive to the experienced commodity trader.

I'm not out to write a tool usable by anyone who wants to dip their legs into commodity trading, and I won't lean the Trade Profiteer toward the lesser experienced. You must understand that there are some things about commodity trading that you can only learn with experience.

Latest release: 2.0.3412 (Download) - Released May 12, 2013


System Requirements

Please read the installation instructions before installing the Trade Profiteer.


This application is freeware, meaning you may use it on as many computers as you wish. Feel free to give it to friends as well.

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Please direct all support requests to the Trade Profiteer thread on the Puzzle Pirates forum.


This product is not endorsed, licensed, authorized, distributed, supported, or maintained by Three Rings Design, Inc., the parent company behind Puzzle Pirates. All development and responsibility for this application lies entirely with Colony West Software Company. As with any software product, use is entirely at your own risk.

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This product complies with all applicable rules imposed by Three Rings Design on third party software for Puzzle Pirates. However, these rules can change at any time, for any reason, including in such a way as to render it impossible to use the Trade Profiteer with Puzzle Pirates. As such no warranty or guarantee can or will be made regarding the continued compliance of this software with said rules. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of those rules and to direct any questions regarding compliance to Colony West Software Company.