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Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer

Notes on installing the Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer

For most systems, installing the Trade Profiteer will be relatively straightforward and uneventful. Simply accept the license agreement and let the installer go from there. There are a couple points you need to have in mind, though.

Installation/upgrade process

To install the Trade Profiteer, download the installer file and run it. Accept the license agreement at the start of the installation and click Next. The installation (or upgrade) will run automatically.

During the installation process, you may notice a Command Prompt window appear. This is normal. When that window appears, the installer is creating a folder in the folder where the Trade Profiteer was installed and is copying your Java Runtime Environment to that folder. Inside that copy, the installer will install a Java component that it uses to obtain the market information from Puzzle Pirates.

Note: Before installing the Trade Profiteer, close your browser and any programs that may be using the Java Runtime Environment. This includes Puzzle Pirates and any other browsers you may have open.

The installation will also place a new shortcut onto your desktop, labeled "Puzzle Pirates (for Trade Profiteer)":

Desktop shortcut

To allow the Trade Profiteer to pull in data from Puzzle Pirates, you must run Puzzle Pirates through this shortcut. If you have the Ice Ocean version of Puzzle Pirates installed, there will be a corresponding shortcut installed to the desktop as well.

Windows Vista

On Windows Vista, Puzzle Pirates is not installed to the "Program Files" folder but is instead installed to the current user's roaming profile folder. The Trade Profiteer will still detect the Puzzle Pirates installation and install the shortcuts as necessary. This is something to be taken into account, however, if multiple people use the same computer.

Java Runtime upgrade

If you upgrade your Java Runtime Environment and want the Trade Profiteer to use that most recent version, the process is easy and straightforward. Before starting this process, make sure you have closed all Puzzle Pirates windows.

  1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Colony West Software Company\Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer". On 64-bit systems, the folder will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Colony West Software Company\Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer".
  2. In that folder should be a folder alled "jre". Delete this entire folder.
  3. Double-click on the program called "copyjre". This will open a command line window in which you should see status messages saying it has detected the Java Runtime Environment and is copying it. When done this window will disappear and a new "jre" folder should have been created.
Once the process is complete, open Puzzle Pirates using the installed desktop shortcut, open the Options and on the "General" tab it should give the version of the JRE you have installed.

Installing on Linux or Mac OS X

Instructions coming soon...